Updating the NXT’s Firmware LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT

Updating the NXT’s Firmware

Firmware is software that is embedded in the NXT. Without its firmware, the NXT wouldn’t be able to control motors, take input from sensors, or basically work at all.

Occasionally, the LEGO Group may release new versions of the firmware that add enhanced functionality or fix discovered software bugs. By updating your NXT’s firmware to the most recent version, you can take advantage of the latest technology and improve your NXT’s performance and reliability.

更新韌體是簡單的步驟,首先選取工具選單下的"更新NXT韌體..."指令. 接著更新韌體的對話框就會出現(如下圖).
Updating the firmware is easy to do. First, choose Update NXT Firmware... in the Tools menu. This will launch the Update NXT Firmware dialog box as shown below.

Image of Update NXT Firmware dialog box

First make sure to turn on and connect your NXT.

如果連線到網路上,就可以按下"檢查線上更新"按鈕.此時,LEGO MINDSTORM NXT軟體就會在MINDSTORMS.com 上搜尋最新的韌體版本.
If you are online you can check if new firmware updates are available by pressing the Check Online Updates button. This will cause the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT software to scan MINDSTORMS.com for the most recent version of the firmware.

Select the most recent firmware version and make sure to record where the retrieved firmware will be saved. We recommend these locations:

For Macintosh:

Macintosh HD:Applications:LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT:engine:Firmware

For Windows:

C:\Program Files\LEGO Software\LEGO MINDSTORMS EDU NXT\engine\Firmware

When the retrieval is complete (after 1 to 3 minutes depending on your Internet connection speed), the new firmware will be ready to install. If you retrieved the firmware file to the above path, you can simply select the file from the list and press Download. The progress bar at the bottom of the Update NXT Firmware window will show you how the download to your NXT is proceeding.

If you retrieved the firmware file to a different location, click the Browse button to browse to the folder where you saved the firmware. You can then begin to download the saved firmware to your NXT.

Re-installing the firmware that shipped with your product

If your NXT stops working for some reason it may help to re-install the firmware that shipped with your product.

在重新安裝韌體之前,需要重新啟動NXT裝置. 請參閱紙本使用手冊"問題解決"章節以重新啟動NXT.
You will need to reset your NXT before proceeding with re-installation. See “Troubleshooting” in the printed User Guide for help on resetting your NXT.

When you have finishing resetting your NXT, just follow the instructions above to re-install the firmware that shipped with your product.

注意: 在重新安裝韌體前請先檢查NXT電池.只因為電池的狀況不好就有可能造成問題
Note: Make sure to check your NXT’s batteries before reinstalling any firmware. Any problems may simply be due to worn-down batteries.