Package lejos.robotics

Hardware abstraction interfaces for the robotics package.


Interface Summary
DCMotor Interface for a regular DC motor with no encoder.
DirectionFinder Abstraction for compasses and other devices than return the heading of a robot.
Encoder Abstraction for the tachometer built into NXT motors.
LampLightDetector Interface for a light sensor that also includes a lamp (usually LED) to provide illumination.
LightDetector A platform independent implementation for sensors that can detect white light levels.
MoveListener Any class that wants to be updated automatically by a MovementProvider should implement this interface/
MovementProvider Should be implemented by a Pilot that provides a partial movement to a pose when requested.
RangeFinder Abstraction for a range finder sensor that returns the distance to the nearest object
RangeScanner Abstraction for a single range scanning sensor, rotating platform with a range finder, or a complete robot, that obtains a set of range readings at a set of angles to# the robot's heading.
RotationPlatform A platform for rotating a sensor and elevating the angle.
Tachometer Abstraction for a Tachometer, which monitors speed of the encoder.
TachoMotor Interface for encoded motors without limited range of movement (e.g.
TachoMotorListener NOTE: Might want to have listener that notifies when arbitrary rotation is completed.

Class Summary
Colors Values for standard Lego colors.
Movement Models a movement performed by a pilot
Pose Represents the location and heading(direction angle) of a robot.
This class includes methods for updating the Pose to track common robot movements
RangeReading Represent a single range reading
RangeReadings Represents a set of range readings.

Enum Summary
Movement.MovementType The type of movement made in sufficient detail to allow errors in the movement to be modelled.

Package lejos.robotics Description

Hardware abstraction interfaces for the robotics package.