Package lejos.nxt.remote

Remote NXT access over Bluetooth


Interface Summary
ErrorMessages Error messages that can be returned after a call to the NXT brick.
NXTCommRequest Interface that all NXTComm implementation classes must implement for low-level communication with the NXT.
NXTProtocol LEGO Communication Protocol constants.

Class Summary
AsciizCodec Methods to encode and decode ASCIIZ.
DeviceInfo Represents a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
FileInfo Structure that gives information about a leJOS NXJ file.
FirmwareInfo Firmware information for a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
InputValues Sensor input values for a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
NXTComm Initiates communication to a remote NXT.
NXTCommand Sends LCP requests to the NXT and receives replies.
OutputState Container for holding the output state values.
RemoteBattery Battery readings from a remote NXT.
RemoteMotor Motor class.
RemoteMotorPort Supports a motor connected to a remote NXT
RemoteNXT Provides an API similar to the leJOS API for accessing motors, sensors etc.
RemoteSensorPort Emulates a Sensor Port using LCP

Package lejos.nxt.remote Description

Remote NXT access over Bluetooth