Package lejos.robotics.proposal

Support for maps


Interface Summary
ArcPilot An enhanced Pilot that is capable of traveling in arcs.
PathFinder This class creates a set of waypoints connected by straight lines that lead from one location to another without colliding with mapped geometry.
PoseController The PoseController guides a Pilot to a destination.

Class Summary
ArcPoseController This class directs a pilot from the current known coordinates to a destination set of coordinates.
DeadReckonerPoseProvider A PoseProvider that keeps track of coordinates using dead reckoning, by monitoring Pilot movements.
DifferentialPilot The DifferentialPilot class is a software abstraction of the Pilot mechanism of a NXT robot.
GPSPoseProvider The GPS PoseProvider class will probably work off data from the javax location package.
MapPathFinder PathFinder that takes a map and a dummy set of range readings.
SimplePathFinder Very simple path finder that assumes there is a direct route to the target
SteeringPilot The SteeringPilot uses a similar steering mechanism to a car.
UpdateablePose Experimental Pose Represents the location and heading(direction angle) of a robot.
This class includes methods for updating the UpdateablePose to track common robot movements.

Exception Summary

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Support for maps